Friday, September 20, 2013

Any and Every Which Way (2010)

Any and Every Which Way (Ushiro kara mae kara) poster
Bathroom rape scene in Any and Every Which Way (Ushiro kara mae kara)
Lesbian sex scene kiss in Any and Every Which Way (Ushiro kara mae kara)
Tomomi Miyauchi in Any and Every Which Way (Ushiro kara mae kara)
Car wash scene in Any and Every Which Way (Ushiro kara mae kara)

Director: Shoichiro Masumoto
Stars: Tomomi Miyauchi, Yoshiki Kanahashi, Hoka Kinoshita, Sotaro, Kotono
Genre: Pink Film, Sex Comedy

Any and Every Which Way
(Ushiro kara mae kara), not to be confused with Every Which Way but Loose starring Clint Eastwood and an orangutan, is a low-budget Japanese Sex Comedy, a Pinku eiga (pink film), that I came across randomly on Netflix (it's currently available for streaming) and was allured by its cover (namely the cleavage part).

It's about a lackluster taxi driver who has completely forgotten her past, but over time slowly remembers certain things. She encounters a man who just got out of prison for accidentally killing someone in a car accident, and is on his way back to his wife to see if she'll take him back.

In between all that there's some prostitution, some panty stealing, and...frogs. Like many Sex Comedies from all parts of the world, the plot is rather simple and predictable. Apparently it's a remake of an older film (directed by Koyu Ohara I think).

The appeal of this film (and indeed the only reason I ever clicked play) is the sex. And that part of it ain't so bad. The girls are beautiful, there's plenty of nudity, and the sex scenes are shot well. There's a few sex scenes, one of them is a lesbian scene (there's also a questionable rape scene). If you want to see naked Japanese girls, which is perfectly natural don't be embarrassed, then the film satisfies (while you possibly satisfy yourself).

The humor here is actually occasionally funny. I laughed a few times and thought that some scenes were genuinely hilarious. The scene in the hotel is classic; the main character gets horny every time someone holds her in their arms (it's a long story) and it leads to some funny moments (it also leads to a lot of sex). There's also that hint of Japanese ridiculousness that never fails to amuse. It's certainly not the height of comedic wit, but it's enjoyable. 

I don't know if it was just the version I watched, but the video quality is pretty bad. It's as if it was shot on a camcorder in areas with shitty lighting. It's not bad enough that it's unwatchable though; once you get used to it it's not that bad. Maybe there are better versions though.

For what it is, which is essentially softcore porn, it's not that bad. It may be worth a watch if you're in the right mood, it's running time is on the short side. Not a great film, but not awful. Just have to be the right person and in the right mood for it.

2/5 stars

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