On Ratings


All rating and reviews are obviously opinion based. The rating scale I use is based on 5 stars being the best and 0.5 being the worst.

4/5 - GREAT
3.5/5 - GOOD
3/5 - OKAY
2.5/5 - AVERAGE
1.5/5 - NOT GOOD
1/5 - AWFUL
0.5/5 - ROLL TIER

Ratings are subject to change or reviews edited upon further thought or repeat viewings.

Throughout my reviews anything that is written in bold is information that I feel is important to deciding whether or not the film is worth watching. The purpose behind this is so, if you want, you can just skim through the parts in bold and essentially get the idea. Names of actors, directors, etc. will be in this shade of yellow and names of other films will be in italics or the blue link

Also, at the end of some reviews I add a quick overview of the pros and cons of the film.

I usually tend to not talk much about the actual plot of a film, not in detail at least. I find that even a synopsis of a film could sometimes spoil the magic of a first viewing. After all, if you want a plot synopsis you can go to Wikipedia or IMDB.

As far as length for each review is concerned, it all depends on how much I have to say about a particular film. Some films I have virtually nothing to say about, and therefore I will not review it. Some I have a little, a lot, it varies.

You can mostly expect films of the horror and science fiction genre, but I also consider myself an avid fan of mystery, gialli, surrealism, and comedies. But no genre is off limits.

If there is anyone who would like to cite my review, quote, paraphrase, or reference it, you are welcome to do so, please just give credit. 

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