Saturday, December 22, 2012

Treevenge (2008) Review

Treevenge poster
Director: Jason Eisener
Stars: Johnathan Torrens, Sarah Dunsworth
Genre: Horror, Black Comedy

Treevenge is a 16 minute short film directed by Jason Eisener, the same guy who directed the Hobo With a Shotgun fake trailer for Grindhouse, and also the full-length version of Hobo With a Shotgun from 2011.

In Treevenge we get to see Christmas from the perspective of Christmas trees. We see their pain and suffering which they are forced to endure all in the name of the holiday season. The trees are chopped down, dragged out of their forests and away from their families, and then put up for sale for people to put them in their houses. Well, the trees are sick of it and decide to take revenge on humans everywhere!

The film, in all its goofiness and absurdity, actually makes you sympathize with the trees...and also makes you want to never buy a Christmas tree again, because of sadness and fear...anyway...

It's a very enjoyable short with some great references to the likes of Evil Dead and '70s and '80s horror in general. Many parts of the film are deliberately shot in that '70s style.

The same theme from Cannibal Holocaust plays at the beginning of Treevenge, so you can be sure to expect some violence. You really don't understand the true powers of trees until you see them choke people to death and gouge out their eyeballs. Plenty of gore here done with some awesome effects. 

Johnathan Torrens and Sarah Dunsworth are in here, who fans of Trailer Park Boys will surely recognize. (J-Roc and Sarah).

Treevenge 2008

At 16 minutes long it's definitely worth the watch, especially during the Christmas season. A charming, funny, and gory short. Plus you can watch it for free on Vimeo or YouTube (the Vimeo link is better quality).

3.5/5 stars

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