Thursday, October 4, 2012

Frankenweenie (1984) Review

Director: Tim Burton
Stars: Barret Oliver, Shelley Duvall, Daniel Stern
Genre: Fantasy, Science fiction

Tim Burton's second film which he directed, the first being Vincent. This is another short film (30 mins.) and is a retelling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, both parodying and paying homage to.

You can see a lot of traces of Burton's later film, Edward Scissorhands, in here. Of course Edward Scissorhands itself is a retelling of Frankenstein, but the similarities don't end there. They both have a very 70s(?) small-town feel to them, with a sense of community within the film. Something I love about both.

If you know the plot of Frankenstein you essentially know the plot to Frankenweenie. Just replace a scientist with a boy trying to bring back to life his dog.

It's a nice little family film that will also please horror fans. It's shot completely in black and white which alone gives it a sort of gothic, Universal Monster feel to it. Everything from Frankenstein (1931) is present, from the campy laboratory to the windmill, all in a much more childish version mind you. Even the Bride of Frankenstein is here.

The actors do a great job and the characters, though a bit typical, are charming. Shelly Duvall is in this, who many will recognize as Wendy from The Shining.

Though not Tim Burton's best work it is a cute re-telling that is worth watching. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy it. It doesn't really do anything unique, but it will make you feel good watching it.

A stop-motion animated feature length remake to Frankenweenie, with the same name, was directed by Tim Burton in 2012.

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